When pursuing the continuous enterprise development and leading the industry for constant progress, xtrsqql pays attention to the realization of its employees' value and the improvement of their working abilities. According to different business management areas, xtrsqql has built up an occupational management system in the aspects of position order, position level, occupation hierarchy and so on. People in different order can either get promoted or enlarge their business scope without limitation; and people who have both strong abilities and good performance record can get promoted and realize their personal value on the organization platform.

xtrsqql considers "employees'growth" as one of its core values. In 2009, among all transportation engineering consultation enterprises, xtrsqql founded the first enterprise university -- Fangshan University and its enterprise Internet training college as well. This makes xtrsqql act with three functions: training and promotion, cooperation and service and party school, and forms a "five-course-system" (new employees, enterprise cultural, special technology, project manager and leadership), so as to systematically foster the future engineering technicians and management talents.
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