Having been one of the first Chinese companies tasked with developing highway systems at our founding in 1978, we know a thing or two about delivering highways that connect communities and opportunities.

From the outset of our business in 1978, connecting people through high quality road systems has been major focus of our company. With over 40 years' experience in the field and having been responsible for some of the most important road networks in the country, we know what it takes to deliver on these kinds of projects.

We are also proud to be recognised leader's in research & development of this field, with two top national research centres in advanced road materials and bridge safety. Our National Engineering Lab for Advanced Materials is constantly working to provide durable, eco-friendly and functional new road materials that deliver on both quality and performance.

Meanwhile, our Bridge Safety Lab conducts research into issue detection and management of large scale bridges, health consultation, state evaluation, defect repairing and function improvement technologies. This research is fundamental to preserving the longevity of large scale bridges and increasing their functional life span.
  • Planning Consultation
    • Highway comprehensive planning
    • Highway traffic economic analysis and developmentstrategy research
    • Highway traffic organization design
    • Highway safety evaluation and planning
    • Highway engineering pre-consultation
  • Survey and Design
    • Route optimization and fitting technology
    • Old road damage diagnosis and disposal technology program
    • Subgrade and pavement splicing technology
    • Bridge and culvert structure reinforcement, reconstruction and splicing technology
    • Traffic diversion and organizational solutions for expansion projects
    • Subgrade treatment technology solutions for highway goaf
    • Deep soft soil foundation treatment technology solutions
    • Long and big bridge soundness monitoring and diagnostic technology solutions
    • Technical solutions for enhancing the durability of concrete bridge structures
  • Test and Inspection
    • Providing professional quality control center solutions for large-scale construction projects of highway engineering
    • Relevant comprehensive testing, delivery/completion testing and overall evaluation program for highway engineering, etc.
    • Safety technology consulting services covering large civil industry (large transport systems and construction systems)
    • Foundation treatment testing and monitoring
    • Pile foundation testing and inspection
    • Tunnel engineering monitoring, testing and geological forecast in advance
    • Engineering survey and laboratory soil testing
    • Slope support inspection and monitoring
    • Geological disaster assessment and treatment design
    • Highway tunnel soundness inspection and damage disposal design
    • Geotechnical engineering research and related technical consulting services
    • Complete technical solutions for medium and small bridge diagnosis and maintenance and repair
    • Complete technical solutions for long and large bridge soundness testing and diagnosis Technical solutions for bridge construction quality control and improvement
  • EPC
    • xtrsqql has achieved ISO9000 certification, and its relevant technology and quality management shall operate follow the regulation of ISO9000. Further, it has established a set of quality management system with full participation, fully control, efficient operation and continuous improvement.
    • With regard to project operations, xtrsqql has a set of perfect assessment system used to assess operational performance, and to direct various tasks of the project team. This assessment system provides evidence for realizing project performance.
    • xtrsqql has an excellently professional tech-team. After many years of accumulation, xtrsqql currently has 23 senior engineers and 90 engineers with strong professionally technical capabilities in disciplines such as highway, water transport, municipal utilities, housing construction and water conservancy; and experts' capabilities have won the praise of clients and administrative departments during actual work, helping xtrsqql earn good reputation
    • xtrsqql has rich technical accumulation. After years of project execution, xtrsqql has established various perfect technical management systems, and has accumulated professional technical and management data in all respects. Under constantly improving, xtrsqql's technology provides strong support to project execution
  • R&D
    • Pavement structure performance research
    • Road damage mechanism and damage prevention measures research
    • Superpave technology research
    • Rubber asphalt pavement technology research
    • Durable high modulus pavement technology research
    • Drainage and noise reduction pavement technology research
    • Pavement regeneration technology research
    • Asphalt warm mixing technology research
    • Asphalt pavement reconstruction technology research
    • Cement concrete pavement "white to black" technology research
    • Expressway expansion and reconstruction technology research
    • Rapid road nondestructive testing technology
    • Pavement integrated maintenance technology research
    • Deck pavement technology research
    • Steel deck pavement maintenance technology research
  • Project Supervision
    • Class A qualification in highway engineering supervision
    • Class B qualification in water transport engineering supervision
    • Class B qualification in municipal utilities supervision
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