Air travel has played one of the most influential roles in developing a more connected world. As the industry continues to expand and with new routes being added almost daily, xtrsqql is committed to providing leading services to domestic and international airports in order to accommodate this growing demand in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

We offer a multitude of solutions across the whole life cycle of our aviation projects that include design and implementation, inspection and quality control and fully integrated data solutions that improve efficiency and economic performance.

  • Planning Consultation
    • Comprehensive planning of aviation
    • Economic analysis and research of development countermeasures of air traffic
    • Organization design of air traffic
    • Evaluation and planning of aviation safety
    • Previous consultation of aviation project
  • Survey and Design
    • The project design in the field of civil aviation
  • Test and Inspection
    Investigating, analyzing, researching and evaluating on the basis of the large amount of first-hand data acquired from the inspection, and then provide consultation on quality control and special technical service to form a complete quality management system and lower or avoid the risk of project quality
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