xtrsqql has been at the forefront of urban planning in China for the best part of 40 years. We have overseen the growth of China's busiest cities, ensuring that they work for the people who live there. From improved traffic systems and fully segregated bike lanes to modern day sewer and drainage systems, xtrsqql covers every aspect of maintaining functional cities.

One particular area of expertise that we offer is in the provision of utilities. Maintaining and upgrading urban utility systems from traditional models is a challenge that all countries face as they seek to provide more reliable, efficient and modern services to their people. xtrsqql offers modern utility management and delivery systems to ensure that people who live in both urban and rural landscapes get the most from their surroundings.

 An example of our commitment to enhancing utility delivery to modern day developments can be seen in our Urban Integrated Pipe Gallery built underneath Jimei New Town, Fujian, China. This 7.8km stretch of tunnel incorporates all road pipelines with regards to water supply, sewage discharge, power supply, stormwater, cable communications and more. It is one of China's longest and largest pipe gallery's and will ensure residents of this new landscape will be supported by a reliable and manageable utility system.

Our 2016 acquisition of leading Spanish engineering and construction firm, Eptisa, has enhanced our skills and capabilities in this area, particularly with regards to smart cities and various technologies that will underpin and enhance future city living. Eptisa are regarded as world leaders in their field, demonstrated by their 2016 award for "Best Performing Consulting Firm", as voted by the Asian Development Bank.
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